Your Interview at Fulton Financial Corporation

Personal interviews with qualified applicants are scheduled by the Human Resources department.

You will learn many details about the position, corporate philosophy, customer service commitment and the benefits of working at Fulton Financial Corporation during your interview. Information regarding skills and experiences will be requested, and other individuals within the organization may be invited to meet with you.

Human Resources is committed to finding the most qualified candidates for open positions. A complete background check, including references, credit, criminal background and drug testing is part of the employment process.

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Start Your Job Search

Interview Preparation:

As you prepare for your interview at Fulton Financial Corporation, consider the following:

  • Read the job description thoroughly. It is available online when applying.
  • Review the job qualifications and requirements. Be prepared to provide specific examples illustrating your qualification for the position.
  • Research the position, department, function, and our organization.
  • Prepare questions to ask in the interview.
  • Find a quiet place, free of distractions and interruptions, for phone conversations.

After the Interview:

If you are offered a position at Fulton Financial Corporation, your Human Resources representative will contact you with details. Upon accepting the job, you must satisfactorily complete remaining background checks and attend an orientation session for an overview and introduction to your new company!