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Import Letters of Credit

If you require letters of credit to import goods and services from overseas, our team of experts can guide you through the process. Our associates are professionals with many years of experience who know that trade finance is our business, not yours. We'll provide accurate advice on constructing documents relating to your import transactions. Through TradeLink, you now have the power to send global trade transactions electronically in a fully secured environment - at any time on any day.

Export Letters of Credit

Our experts will help design your export letters of credit to minimize risk and maximize cash flow. We will even assist you in developing a pro-forma letter of credit that can be incorporated in your sales contract. When you are ready to present your documents, we'll control the process from beginning to end. We'll track your payments so you don't need to, and we'll advise you immediately upon receipt. If reducing international collection time and improving your cash flow is paramount to your company, our International Group is for you.

Standby Letters of Credit

Our standby letters of credit are widely accepted in the local US market and worldwide and support a wide variety of activities including construction, insurance premium, EPA and bond issue guarantees.


Whether it's delivering documents against payment or acceptance, simple check collections or a variety of other needs, we are ready to help. Through TradeLink, our automated, web-based system, you will improve the efficiency of collecting and tracking your global receivables. Responsiveness and flexibility are the hallmarks of our collection service.

Foreign Exchange

  • Corporate foreign exchange risk mangement products.
  • Spot, Forward, Options contracts offered in most currencies.
  • Competitive quotes, insightful market commentary and customized service.
  • Extensive global correspondent network available to serve your needs.

Trade Finance

Do you need terms from your supplier? We are prepared to support you by accepting exporter drafts under a time or deferred payment letter of credit when your company is named as the beneficiary. This facility, known as Bankers' Acceptances (BA's), can help you postpone payment until you have sold the merchandise. The rates are competitive and usually below the prime rate. If you need financing to manufacture or source merchandise for export sale, our Pre-Export Financing may be for you. We enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to your export needs.

Government Assistance

There are a variety of credit and guarantee arrangements to help facilitate the export of goods and services whether for a single transaction, for a specific project or for an ongoing contract. Allow us to help you employ techniques such as recourse and non-recourse financing, receivable discounting, term financing and guarantees under government and quasi-governmental support programs through Eximbank and the S.B.A.

International Funds Transfer

Our international funds transfer services enable customers to send and receive funds quickly, safely and inexpensively. Because our affiliate banks are members of S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), we are able to provide our customers with access to thousands of correspondent banking institutions around the world. Payments can be made in U.S. dollars or, when coupled with our foreign exchange service, in a number of different foreign currencies.