Foreign Currency

Fulton International Group

Fulton International Group is your online resource for foreign currency orders. Whether you're planning a vacation in Italy, a business trip to China, or a family reunion in the United States, we have the tools to help you.

Order Currency Online:

  • To order currency online, you or your business must be a deposit account customer of a Fulton Bank. Online order forms are accessible through our bank website:
    Fulton Bank, N.A.

  • If you are not a customer, please call 1.877.324.1550 to request a foreign paper currency purchase.

Order Currency By Phone:

  • In addition to purchasing currency online, you may also purchase currency by calling 1.877.324.1550.

Helpful Tips for Purchasing Foreign Currency:

  • You must reside, or your businessís primary office must reside, within our service area.
  • You must complete the Foreign Currency Paper Order Form.
  • The deadline for processing orders is 2pm daily. All orders placed after this deadline will be processed the following business day.
  • Currency ordered online will be available by 5pm at the branch of your choice 4-7 (four to seven) business days AFTER the date you submit your order.
  • Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.
  • If you require faster service, please call 1.877.324.1550 and currency can be shipped for an additional fee. Please contact us for information about delivery time and fees.
  • For amounts over $1,000 USD value, please call us directly at 1.877.324.1550 to order.
  • There is a $50 USD value minimum purchase for all foreign paper currency orders
  • Exotic Currencies may take longer to order. Please call for exotic currencies rates.
  • All currency is sent directly to the branch; we may not send currency directly to customers.